Christine Hager-Braun

Contemporary fiber art to brighten your life

I’m Christine Hager-Braun, a fiber artist living and working in Durham, North Carolina, USA. I use fabric, thread, and a domestic sewing machine to assemble captivating abstract art for the wall.

Currently, my artistic journey revolves around the profound power of resilience and the transforming benefits of a positive mindset. My art is rooted in the stories individuals share with me about their chronic illnesses, mental health struggles, and adversities they face; my own experiences influence my creative work as well. However, my art does not focus on pain and darkness, but on illuminating pathways of coping, perseverance, and strength.

My goal is to visualize abstract emotions through abstract art using vibrant designs to brighten the viewer’s life. Join me on this colorful exploration of the human spirit.

The creative practice of designing with vibrant colors, manipulating soft fabrics, and the meditative quality of sewing one fabric strip after the next provides me with contentment and joy. However, the finished artwork is intended to extend the pleasure and delight to the viewer through:

Personalized Aesthetics

Vivid colors and stitched texture brighten your home and office in your unique style, and fiber art also softens the sound in modern spaces created with stone and tiles.

Reflection and Inspiration

The stories behind my art encourage you to live your life authentically and unapologetically.

Conversation Starter

My art conveys your values and initiates a dialog, establishes social connections, and expresses your place in and the support of a community.

You can find my art in these fine galleries and gift shops

Piedmont craftsmen

Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery

601 North Trade Street
NC 27101

Phone 336 725 1516

Gallery Hours:
Tues – Sat: 11am – 4pm

Gallery and Gift Shop of the Hillsborough Arts Council

102 North Churton St
NC 27278

Phone 919 643 2500

Gallery Hours:
Tues – Sun 12pm – 4pm
Fri & Sat 11am – 7pm