A Glimpse of Hope

image showing the fullview of the art quilt A Glimpse of Hope
©Christine Hager-Braun, “A Glimpse of Hope”
Fiber mounted on stretched canvas, 36x36x1.75 in

I feel this sense of accomplishment, mixed with immense joy and a bit of pride. My art quilt “A Glimpse of Hope” was selected by curators Ellen November and Andi Perejda as one of 28 pieces to be displayed in the virtual gallery of the international organization SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates).

The exhibition is entitled “Words Fail” and here is what the organizers had in mind when they when they issued the call for art with this theme:

“We are visual communicators, and sometimes what we want to say cannot be said in words. Words may be insufficient to describe positive, satisfying, or deliriously happy emotions. Or words may fail us when we try to express strong emotions, retell the story of a moment in time, or describe events that leave us scared, concerned or angry. Our world is filled with an enormous variety of both amazingly beautiful occasions, as well as those that test us in more difficult ways. Symbols, color, composition, or other design elements may provide the narrative to communicate the depth of your story. When our words fail us, imagery can present what we are unable to articulate through words.


PS: Please take a look at all the other wonderful pieces of fiber art in the online exhibition and what it means to the artists when “Words Fail”.