Photo of Christine Hager-Braun

Christine Hager-Braun was born in Germany. She was raised in a rural area and graduated school as one of 37 students. Hager-Braun attended the University of Regensburg, Germany, and received a M.S. in Biology (1994) and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry (1997). In 1999, she and her husband moved to North Carolina, USA, to continue their research interests.

To balance her work as a scientist and raising a young child Hager-Braun started art quilting. She was fascinated by the idea to create “paintings” out of fabric and thread. In 2006, she resigned from her work as scientist and focused on a career as full-time fiber artist.

In her current artwork, Hager-Braun uses her voice as an artist to encourage the viewer to reflect on life and live authentically. Her art quilts about mental health, inspired by her own struggle with depression and the stories told by others, focus on the power of resilience, the benefit of a positive mindset, and the importance of our mental health, and intend to start a conversation.

The ultimate goal for Hager-Braun is to break down barriers, integrate opposing sides and emphasize interaction, healing and inner peace through her art.

Hager-Braun’s art quilts are exhibited in regional, national and international exhibitions. She won awards in a variety of exhibitions, she is the two-time recipient of the Grant for Emerging Artist as well as the Artist Support Grant presented by the Durham Arts Council (Durham, NC). Her work can be found in national and international private as well as corporate and hospital collections.