My Textile Painting “Breathing Space”

Image showing one corner of the art quilt
©Christine Hager-Braun, “Breathing Space”, Fiber mounted on stretched canvas, 24 x 24 x 1.75″

I created this textile painting as a reminder of the importance of the spaces we have to take a breath:

We stick our nose into a bunch of flowers, we enjoy the fragrance of perfume, the smell of freshly baked cookies triggers memories, we inhale the crisp morning air in the fall, and sometimes the smallest corner will do when we feel overwhelmed and need to take a deep breath to relax a clenched jaw and calm our mind.

Due to the pandemic we all became more aware of our breathing and how our comfort level for breathing is affected through personal and public environments.

But Covid-19 is not the only element that affects our breathing space. There are plenty of other airborne pathogens, both of viral and bacterial origins, there are pollen, spores, and dust to trigger allergies, and many forms of pollutants from various industries and our personal actions.

May we all recognize it is the responsibility for each of us to protect the space we live in.

May we all do our best to keep the air clean.

May we all have an area where we can safely take a deep breath and ground ourselves.

May we all have a relaxing and uplifting Breathing Space.