Inspiration in a Single Word

Do you usually set a New Year’s resolution just to abandon it within a few weeks?
Well, then let’s try something new for this year.
Let’s choose a word!

For the past several years I have chosen a single word to inspire and to guide me. My words ranged from blossom and clarity to forward and noteworthy, plus several others.

How do you choose your word for the year? 

Sit down with a piece of paper and reflect on your life.

Write down your goal(s) for 2021. Is it a particular amount of income? Maybe reduce your debt? Get a promotion at work? A specific number of hours as a volunteer? Creating one small quilt per month? You could select your most important goal as your word.

But maybe your goal is not so much about achieving more, but about slowing down and living wholeheartedly. Then your word could be simplicity, space, or friendship.

What is the most imperative action that you need to take to reach your goal?  Is it focus? Learn? Interact? Or is it rather pause, laugh, or accept?
Maybe use this verb as your word for 2021.

Now picture yourself with the goal achieved. Really take a moment and imagine the entire scenario. How do you feel? Accomplished, grateful, proud? Happy, strong, sexy? Energized, worthy, whole? Use the word that expresses the most intense feeling. Every time you have doubts about your journey, bring back the feeling and you will derive energy from it.

Would you prefer to focus on a particular mindset that will help you succeed throughout the year? After all, attitude does matter. Consider words such as gratitude, hope, mindfulness, or confidence. What sounds best for you?

If you cannot choose one word right now, then pick several words. Live with them for a week or two, maybe you can narrow your selection down to one word for your personal life and one for your work life. In the end, try to stick with your preferred word.

Finally, write your chosen word(s) down and put the note on your bathroom mirror. Or create a wallpaper for your phone or use the word as the background for your computer screen. The point is, place the word somewhere, where you can see it every day.

The word will function as a daily visual reminder for your big goal. It will motivate you when you work towards your goals. It will become your mantra and the manifestation of your success.

Now select a word that encapsulates your goal for 2021, a word that inspires and empowers you!

Good luck for a happy, healthy and successful New Year!

Onward and Upward,


PS: I compiled a list of 100 words to get you started with the process. By no means is this a comprehensive list, so go with what feels right for you.