Make a Difference Today


We all are members of the human tribe, yet we forget sometimes that we are surrounded by people who experience ups and downs like we do.

Take a moment to notice the people around you. Like you, they might be absorbed by problems, occupied by worries, consumed by pain. They might struggle to make it through the day.

Today is National Make A Difference Day.

On the fourth Saturday in October, communities in the US come together to volunteer and to serve. The Make a Difference Day was created by “USA Weekend” magazine in 1992, co-sponsored by Points of Light. By now, the efforts of neighbors helping neighbors on this particular day have spread to various countries around the world.

Your Profession makes a difference

No doubt, you make difference every day if you are a doctor, a nurse, or a teacher. But you also make a difference in so many other professions. Without plumbers, electricians, supermarket clerks, truck drivers, janitors, or trash collectors our world would not function the way it does. Your contribution is important for our society no matter your job description!

But making a difference is not limited to one’s profession.

Random Acts of Kindness

Little acts of kindness can make a difference, too.


Hold the door.

Tell a joke.

Call a friend.

Buy a stranger a cup of coffee.

Make funny faces for a toddler while waiting in the checkout line.

Get off the phone and ask the lady at the cash register a sincere question or

Help the older gentleman load his grocery bags into his car.

Your gestures may be small and yet, they can make a difference.

Volunteer to make a difference

Of course, there are more ways to contribute to society.

There are so many non-for-profit organization that need the support of community members to run efficiently. It is through the volunteers’ work that the lives of less privileged people are improved and all walks of life are recognized.

Stock the shelves of your local food pantry.

Serve meals in a kitchen for homeless folks.

Read books and poems to the elderly in a senior center.

Make quilts for a women’s shelter

or knit hats for preemies.

Donations help, too

If you are unable to contribute your time or skills, then consider donating money to an organization of your choice. Or maybe contribute a gift to the group’s fundraising effort or a piece of art or voucher for an upcoming auction.

Make a Difference – anytime!

Be an active part of this human tribe and connect with one another. See another, listen to another, support another!

While on National Make A Difference Day the focus is on volunteering, it’s easy to make a difference, today and any other day.