Abstract Landscapes

Artist Statement

©Christine Hager-Braun, After the Storm, Fiber, 43 x 38.5 x 0.5 in, Private Collection

Early in my creative journey I explored various techniques and subject matters. However, the sudden tragic loss of a dear friend changed my life and my artistic path.

After the initial phase of grieving, I returned to the studio. There I looked out at trees, only trees, no people. I was wondering: “how do people cope when they are living in big cities, walk along busy sidewalks, or use crowded public transportation? How do they heal when they do not have a quiet backyard to look out to?”

From this perspective, I started making abstract landscapes that captured tranquility and centered on stillness, created from soft fabric and thread to balance the harshness of grief or everyday challenges.  

Sewing small pieces of fabric together felt to me like patching together the fragments of torn feelings, mending the tears of a broken heart. I became stronger and bolder and learned to believe in my own resilience and ability to heal.

I focused more on light as part of the landscapes, and eventually, I omitted the ground altogether. With the increasing abstraction of my work, the emphasis shifted from the light around us to the light within us.

Following the loss of my friend, my artwork is motivated by my wish to facilitate healing in others. My art aims to turn a functional room like a living room, bedroom, or office into a sanctuary where the viewer can pause, reflect and find a moment of peace. I hope to brighten their lives by providing visual encouragement through my art.