Shifting Energy

Trees with colorful leaves in autumn and blue sky

A different kind of energy can come from working in an environment that differs from our usual surroundings.

I enjoy my studio and office, which are both based in my home. Hence, I’m surrounded by the same comfortable furniture, bright lighting, my playful (and occasionally barking) dogs, and all our combined energy no matter if I’m writing a newsletter, creating a piece of art, cooking dinner, or folding laundry. While there is reliability and consistency in these surroundings, at times it can almost get a bit boring.

Therefore, I spent this afternoon at one of the sites of the public library where I found an empty table in a quiet corner.

On one side were large windows looking out at the trees in their remaining fall colors. The mostly bare branches reminded me of the upcoming time in nature – cold and still. Winter is nature’s time to pause, to recharge, and to get ready for a new push for something beautiful in the spring.

On the other side of the table were shelves filled with books. So many pages to inform, to entertain, to educate. So many volumes dormant, waiting to be picked up and devoured by a hungry mind, to be turned into lessons, laughter, and brilliant ideas.

Several rows of shelving with books in the light-filled library on Milton Road, Durham, NC.

I sat sandwiched between knowledge and nature; both filled with the potential for something better, the promise for something new, an undisturbed expectation pregnant with possibilities. Both knowledge and nature are tremendous sources of inspiration for me.

The calm energy in the library shifted my own internal energy. I was able to work uninterrupted, write with great focus, and make plans for the month and into next year. I feel I achieved more in just a couple of hours in the library than I could have accomplished in my home office.

But now that I’m typing this post at home, I’m still at peace. I brought the positive energy with me along with the understanding that taking the time to retreat into silence and tranquility can path the way for remarkable outcomes.

Next time I’m unproductive or inefficient again, I’ll explore a new environment to renew my personal energy. Rather than trying harder, a softer, quieter, more gentle approach might be the key to moving forward.

Wishing you lots of energy,