Steps, Goals, and Success

Success is the progressive realization of predetermined worthwhile, personal goals. Quote by Paul J. Mayer

Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile, personal goals. – Paul J Meyer

This quote requires us to think about various elements:

1. How do we define success?

2. Which goals do we need to reach to be successful?

3. Which steps do we need to take towards our goals (= progressive realization)?

For each of us, the answers will be different. The meaning of success can change over time, and even if our definition of success remains the same, changing circumstances will require us to reconsider our goals and plan our steps anew.

Therefore, it’s important to sit down regularly and take the time to check in with yourself. Are your actions still aligned with your definition of success? What is your motivation that keeps you working day after day towards your goals? What is your personal ‘Why?’ that inspires you, fuels your passion, provides a deeper purpose? Which goals do you consider “worthwhile”? Connect with your emotions and ask yourself what accomplishment(s) you would feel proud of.

Is it more money in your bank account, an educational degree, a memorable vacation with your family? Is it making an impact in your community, standing up for racial or gender equality, or bringing awareness to a rare or not so rare disease? But not all goals need to be large and lofty; changing just one person’s life is certainly worthwhile, too. Making an elderly person in a senior home feel less alone by reading to them, supporting a teenager by mentoring them, donating your time and skills to a non-profit organization, are all meaningful contributions on your journey to success.

Success is based on the achievement of various goals.
For this exercise, however, pick only one goal for your professional life and/or one for your personal life. The goal might be short-term, medium, or long-term.

Now grab a cup of coffee and your journal to write down a list of steps that will bring you closer to your goal. Go for a walk, run, or swim if that helps you think. Don’t worry, this list does not need to be comprehensive or very detailed. You might not know all the steps that lead to your goal, and chances are that you will need to adjust as you are further along in your progress. But get started by visualizing actionable steps.

Even if you haven’t figured out the proper sequence of steps yet, select one step that you will take this week. Commit to this one step. Make it happen!

One step closer to your goal.

One step closer to success!

For me, this one step is the commitment to spend every day of this week in the studio, even if it is only 30 minutes. Currently, I’m tied to my computer for a lot of admin tasks and planning of big exhibitions for this year and next. However, the most important component to make my art business successful is the art. That’s why I choose studio time as this week’s step.

What step will you take this week?

Wishing you a successful week, one step at a time!