Thoughts on my textile art piece “Perseverance”

Image of the art quilt "Perseverance"

Perseverance –

Persistence regardless of difficulties, continuing efforts despite the lack of success.

Dedication to see the project through, stamina to go even further.

We set out to reach a goal, but obstacles are in our way.

They might surprise us, overwhelm us, stop us.

But only for a while.

We can learn to overcome the obstacle, sidestep the barrier, bypass the hinderance.

We want to move forward

With tenacity, determination, grit, and yes, a bit

Of stubbornness.

We refuse to give up, to flop or to fail.

Oh no, we continue, keep going, and carry on.

Our efforts become broader,

Our actions stronger

Our impact brighter.

So we prevail, succeed, and celebrate.


To do it all again!