We are good enough – not only on World Mental Health Day

Wall of Shame, an art quilt about PTSD

Today is World Mental Health Day and I encourage all of you to acknowledge how important our brain health is, not only today but every day.

Over the years, my artwork reflected some of my own challenges with depression and PTSD; lately, however, my own experiences and the lessons I have learned inform my art in a more uplifting way.

Now, I believe in the gift of resilience, the power of a positive mindset, and the importance of emotional well-being. I hope that my visual art and my writing inspires others to find inner strength and believe in themselves!

Most of the time, days are good for me, but occasionally, there are hard days. However, I’m more aware of the early signs of depression. I have learned to act with purpose and take care of myself so I can return to a more balanced state quickly.

A healthy, nourishing diet,
being outdoors and soaking up the sun,
exercising, even if it’s dancing alone through the living room,
singing in the shower, loud and sometimes off-key,
meditating to quiet the racing thoughts,
and going to bed at the same time to give my body and mind time to re-energize, even when I’m laying awake,
all of these elements contribute to my wellness.

I share my journey with you because I no longer want to hide behind the wall that surrounds mental illness; I want you to know you are not alone.

I know from my own experience that it is easier to withdraw than to show up. But shame, guilt, and the sense of inferiority can only be upheld as long as society considers us less worthy, and prefers for us to remain in isolation, in silence, in darkness.

But once we show up, speak up, speak out, then we can break down this invisible barrier,
then we can gain strength
because there is strength in numbers.

If everyone who battles with mental health problems comes forward
then mental illness is no longer a taboo, a stigma, a reason to feel inadequate.

Then we all see
we are worthy,
we are good enough!